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    Love our candles but not sure which fragrance you like most? No problem!

    Our new complimentary fragrance testers offer a quick and easy way to shop scented candles online. Simply select which fragrances you would like to test and we'll send them by Priority Mail.

    The testers are entirely free. It's our way of making your candle shopping a little easier. Each is handpoured, just like all our candles.

    For shipping, we charge just $1.50 to defray the cost of getting them to you.

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    Please note:  our fragrance testers are not intended for any use other than experiencing our fragrances. They contain the exact same ingredients as our candles, but without a wick. And they are made the same way, too... entirely by hand!


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    Our fragrance samplers are made with the same high quality soy blend wax and fragrances as our candles, and arrive in mini cosmetic vials.  Each and every one is handpoured by women artisans.

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